Fibromyalgia and Massage Therapy

In an attempt to help my clients, I discovered a study from the Ukraine with a very different take on fibromyalgia.

The researchers from the Ukraine believed fibromyalgia was a result of trauma and long-term stress on a physical or emotional level or both and that this stress created deep tension that resulted in chronic contraction of the soft tissues of the body.  Over time this contraction created poor micro-circulation and a chronic inflammatory response in the body’s desperate attempt to get blood to starved cells.  Inflammation is registered as pain in the body.

The researchers hypothesized that if they could break up this chronic contraction they would be able to restore circulation to the cells, eliminate inflammation and thus reduce pain.

I applied the researchers’ massage protocol two women.  Both of these clients became completely pain-free and remain pain and symptom-free after one year.

In this Youtube video below you will hear their stories.